USASA Diary and Deals

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What Is USASA Diary and Deals ?

"Diary" and "Deals". Two of a student's best friends all wrapped up in a little app!

USASA Diary & Deals (D&D) is your Students' Union smartphone app. Summed up it is a diary and discount app that also keeps you up-to-date with everything that's going on at uni.

Latest news, upcoming events and campus maps are automatically updated in your interactive diary. Personalise your diary by adding your own events, notes and reminders or you can even view/edit your diary online via the web portal.

The USASA D&D App also brings you special deals at local businesses aroundyour campus to save you money all year round. These offers are located on a GPS map so you are never short of options!

In short, USASA Diary & Deals is your uni social life in your pocket. Get it FREE by downloading it from the iTunes App Store or Google Play down below.

FYI, you do not need to enter a membership number when registering your app as USASA membership is free.

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